Western Trip 2009 with Caravan - For the Pics click here

The PICS are large - so if you click on an individual picture it may take a while to load - just be patient! Feel free to save these if you like. I haven't edited them either, they are what they are! I haven't captioned them all yet - there are over 400 of the 1000 or so I took, but I'll get to that as well sometime soon. The picture on the left is Zion.

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Riding the White Line - well after 7 years in the making I finally had my book published. You can purchase it online by clicking on the link below. For every book that is sold, a donation will be made to the American Cancer Society. On the link below there is a summary as well as preview of the book. If you would like to order a book from me directly just send an email ridingthewhiteline. Also you can email me directly .

I hope to have the book in local book stores in the next few months, and it will also be available online thru Amazon and Borders in the next month or two as well. (2/5/08)

- Jeff





Mark your calendars: SpokerRide 2009 - 7th Annual Ride - 7/25/09

New and Updated - SPOKERRIDE 2009 -
Sackets Harbor, NY

2 Races, 30 mile Beginner/intermediate, 50 mile advanced
for more info click here - or contact Jeff Wood



My latest adventure! - Fred and the ED's - check us out on myspace:


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2013 Original Yanks - Antwerp NY

Home of the oldest NYS Legion sponsored Senior Corps in New York


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Robot Chicken - the best stop animation on TV


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Drum Corps 1981



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